Posted by : Lester Tusi Martes, Marso 1, 2011

Yes this is the official Blog of boblester122 also you can call him (me) as Lez :) so, we got level up here, new blog, new MODS, new topics! kinda hard to design a blog but it's awesome! but it take a lot of time! i work like 4 hours :| yeah, 4 hours I'm new at blogger or blogspot or something xD umm, about incoming WIP mods, as i posted to my facebook page , theres some WIP mods that i didn't release yet like this one 

yes, the MMD characters to Gta sa, YohsukeNakano and Me (boblester122) working at this mod, as now were making it good, yes, thanks to him for giving me the MMD import script... me and him want to release this in good conditions (complete characters, Less bugs) well, i hope we finish this mod nicely done :D guys, please FOLLOW AT MY BLOG!

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