From my gta4 mod which became very viral.
i finally ported it to gta san andreas since many people including on my youtube account are asking for this, so here yah go!

working with JulioNIB is a great idea :D
we're now able to use bullet dodge and bullet time in GTAIV!

GTA IV: Max Payne IV

Posted by Lester Tusi
hi guys so i released the mod that we created last month. and it didn't disappoint me waiting for the pending in especially the peeps there who cheered me up while making and after releasing the mod.

how the mod started?
well, the mod idea has been discovered after accidentally done a bug when playing a experimental script in game. thus the bug has show up, FMX just came in to my mind and created the mod. thank goodness julioNIB is there to help me improve the script. that really solves the other bugs I'm encountering while developing the mod. so yeah, he should also take the credit.

download the mod here!

FMX IV mod

Posted by Lester Tusi
Eren, Behind you!


yep, you read the title right, real parkour animations for gta4 exist as i did it possible! 
i don't know if there's already someone who made a similar mod, nah i don't think so.
well here's the video:

well, the video didn't get viral as there are only a few people who's interested in gtaiv mods since they only got a low pc specs. but making this mod is very special for me. why?:

*this is my first mod with my own written scripts
-as you can see on my previous mods, or even my old mods, i don't really use scripts because i can't do it. since i enter gtaiv modding(that was 2013, I'm sophomore in college and has already have programming experience) i start to wander about the mods i will make, especially the one that doesn't exist. one day, i enter my curriculum in college and the subject is all about visual basic. then suddenly, i met a cool guy from gta4 modding community named julioNIB(creator of ironman iv mod). he told me that he make tutorials about gta scripting. after taking his tutorials, i was able to make this mod.

*first mods with real parkour animations
-also first modder to use endorphin(physics simulator) for making animations for gta4, mostly, endorphin is used to gta san andreas mods. but i discovered doing it for gta4. thanks to andreas for making it possible to export custom animations for gta4.

so right now, I'm still writing the scripts to fix the bug i made. and also fixing the jagged animation bug. 

what mod will come after this?
M _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ T_ _ _ _ _ mod
hehe, sorry guys for the blank. but i will reveal the mod in real parkour mod release! ^_^

Some people might think or wonder why am i putting passwords (my blogsite url as password) in every mods i release. ever since SOME websites start uploading my mods without letting me know. i am really expecting that some people will argue who's the real author of the mod. by chance, the "leecher" will claim that he created the mod.

That kinda make me upset, as well as the other modders who are also releasing mods.
i mean, how dare they claim the works they never made? "fuyukai desu..."

Some websites are uploading my mods, but never credited me. i actually prefer contacting me through my fb page for permission, but at least crediting me as the author makes me feel better i suppose.
isn't that easy and simple to credit someone for their works? no? well, they share their works for free.

So yeah, that's the reason i just started adding password. i know typing password is annoying, pardon me for doing it but, i want to let people know who's the author of the mods they're downloading, by doing that, the people who doesn't know who's the author (especially the people who doesn't like reading the readme.txt) will know it by typing/copying the password. i guess it works as the other modders doing it as well.

thank you for reading this ^_^

more mods are coming soon!

anime: hyouka

thank you for not being fuyukai desu while waiting for the release haha!
well she's up for download now!


Hi guys!
so yeah, look at this awesome mod from GTA V!
it's Trevor Philips!
Salva ripped him from the actual game
well, fortunately, they let me convert it for GTAIV, sweet!
so yeah, release mod!
note: this is only the version 1 of the mod, so expect bugs. but all of those bugs will be fix on next release.
well, here's some screenshots

go bowling? no... golfing.. k.
here's the download link

GTAIV: Trevor Philips from GTA5

Posted by Lester Tusi
Here yah go!
another awesome release ^_^

i can't think more about the title. but i wanna tell you something.
before 2013 ends. i want to sum up all the things i did/i learned. well, i really didn't do much on gtamodding this year, though i was studying and discovering more about my stuffs and gta modding. well. i dunno, i want to apologize with you guys for being cold and for being cold i mean. i've become really rare uploading my videos on my youtube ( and always cancelling the mod releases. i even become cold here on my blog!

but, i learned many this year, programming, designs, and gta4 modding!
ugh, speaking of gta modding. i also have a problem here. i uploaded my gta4 videos with my mods. but it seems that no one cares about it. i dunno, if you compare the views of one of my gtasa videos and sum all views of my gtaiv videos, still 1 gtasa vid wins! GTAIV is still GTA. gta san andreas was my past. but it doesn't mean i really should stick to gta sa modding. and i don't just mod gtasa and gtaiv, i also mod skyrim, oblivion, gmod, resident evil4, and counter strike. but i only post gta mods because that's where i'm willing to post mods.

I'm making a mod for gta iv. but it's kinda special because it's a animation mod for gta iv. a very rare type of mod.

i have gta sa mods that are hold for release because of my studies on college.
but i really promise to you guys that it'll be released soon!

I'm trying to go back to gtasa modding so i can let people notice me that I'm back to gtamodding.

here's for the ppl who's requesting for gtamods that thinks i let them behind,
i really don't get paid when someone requesting me to make a mod for them. and I'm really missing some request. so don't complain even i missed your request. i have my own life to take care. so forgive me if i really missed it. friends? :)

are you still with me guys?

Posted by Lester Tusi
My First Skin/Player Mod for GTAIV to be released
With my custom animation

With Bioshock Infinite Weapons by Wasdead235

'Sup guys!
in this tutorial I'ma show you how to add vintage colors in games using enb series
you will need:
the black and white enb palette.
and Adobe Photoshop (gimp is good too as long as you can follow this tutorial.)
and enb series
once you got all the requirements, let's get started.
Open up your Photoshop and Open the Enbpalette.bmp
create a new layer
Click the colors
Select the colors you like. i prefer dark colors because that will be the  "vintage color"
After selecting your desired color, select the paint bucket tool.
hey hey, do not panic, it's a good progress! there's just one more thing to do.
"so, what now?"
Change the Blending mode!
click the "normal"
then there will be allot of blending modes,
select the "Exclusion" mode.
we're done!
just export the image as
enbpalette.bmp on your game folder with enb series.

Look at the screenshots of our new enb palette :)

This Mod is Supported by Ryosuke's Normal Map Plugin

without normal map plugin

enb series with colormod by ryosuke and boris vorontsov settings by lez
sorry guys for the last settings, i didn't knew that it's the wrong settings :(
well, this is my final version, i guess...
take a look!

I prefer stock Timecyc

Download the high saturation color mod setting here!

just download the first link of enb x color mod. install it on your gta directory by extracting them all.
then download this settings and replace the colormod.ini
done !


Posted by Lester Tusi
yup, you are reading it right,
I just released the mod..
after seeing allot of people wanting the mod,
most of them are ridiculous,
some of them doesn't care about what's up with me :( no seriously, not even waiting for some moment.
so i decided to upload this.
well ENJOY! -__-"
and oh, burn the people who underestimate me because of the late/false announcement :P