Posted by : Lester Tusi Lunes, Mayo 16, 2011

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PS: (REALLY IMPORTANT) If you guys wanna send this mod at your friend, please DON'T SEND THE DIRECT LINK! JUST THIS TOPIC! so they can enjoy the other mods here, at this blog
Thank you guys for downloading this mod, ENJOY RIDING WITH YOUR NEW BIKE!

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    You'd need UT3, and dxripper to get the formats you'd need. =/ I haz no UT3. But it does open more models for you in the future. Like the light cycle, these characters do not exist in any gta sa model way shape or form.

    Plus they'd look hot on the lightcycle, even better if you made one the gimp suit.

    NM Girl 1.2 and 1.3 have a female main character walk animation too. The armors could be clothes to it.

  2. This is gret!
    Can your model run in miku miku dance???

  3. @alma, My hatsune miku model was converted from MMD, this miku MMD name is 1052c Miku :) Look Through google to download

  4. @remhalchon, I only use ripper dx in Gmod... and i don't have unreal tournament 3... and i have version 3 of this mod...

  5. ah.. why the wheels are not lighting up ?

  6. How about reupload... :( the link is died...