Posted by : Lester Tusi Huwebes, Mayo 23, 2013

'Sup guys!
in this tutorial I'ma show you how to add vintage colors in games using enb series
you will need:
the black and white enb palette.
and Adobe Photoshop (gimp is good too as long as you can follow this tutorial.)
and enb series
once you got all the requirements, let's get started.
Open up your Photoshop and Open the Enbpalette.bmp
create a new layer
Click the colors
Select the colors you like. i prefer dark colors because that will be the  "vintage color"
After selecting your desired color, select the paint bucket tool.
hey hey, do not panic, it's a good progress! there's just one more thing to do.
"so, what now?"
Change the Blending mode!
click the "normal"
then there will be allot of blending modes,
select the "Exclusion" mode.
we're done!
just export the image as
enbpalette.bmp on your game folder with enb series.

Look at the screenshots of our new enb palette :)

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