Posted by : Lester Tusi Linggo, Disyembre 22, 2013

i can't think more about the title. but i wanna tell you something.
before 2013 ends. i want to sum up all the things i did/i learned. well, i really didn't do much on gtamodding this year, though i was studying and discovering more about my stuffs and gta modding. well. i dunno, i want to apologize with you guys for being cold and for being cold i mean. i've become really rare uploading my videos on my youtube ( and always cancelling the mod releases. i even become cold here on my blog!

but, i learned many this year, programming, designs, and gta4 modding!
ugh, speaking of gta modding. i also have a problem here. i uploaded my gta4 videos with my mods. but it seems that no one cares about it. i dunno, if you compare the views of one of my gtasa videos and sum all views of my gtaiv videos, still 1 gtasa vid wins! GTAIV is still GTA. gta san andreas was my past. but it doesn't mean i really should stick to gta sa modding. and i don't just mod gtasa and gtaiv, i also mod skyrim, oblivion, gmod, resident evil4, and counter strike. but i only post gta mods because that's where i'm willing to post mods.

I'm making a mod for gta iv. but it's kinda special because it's a animation mod for gta iv. a very rare type of mod.

i have gta sa mods that are hold for release because of my studies on college.
but i really promise to you guys that it'll be released soon!

I'm trying to go back to gtasa modding so i can let people notice me that I'm back to gtamodding.

here's for the ppl who's requesting for gtamods that thinks i let them behind,
i really don't get paid when someone requesting me to make a mod for them. and I'm really missing some request. so don't complain even i missed your request. i have my own life to take care. so forgive me if i really missed it. friends? :)

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