Posted by : Lester Tusi Lunes, Pebrero 17, 2014

yep, you read the title right, real parkour animations for gta4 exist as i did it possible! 
i don't know if there's already someone who made a similar mod, nah i don't think so.
well here's the video:

well, the video didn't get viral as there are only a few people who's interested in gtaiv mods since they only got a low pc specs. but making this mod is very special for me. why?:

*this is my first mod with my own written scripts
-as you can see on my previous mods, or even my old mods, i don't really use scripts because i can't do it. since i enter gtaiv modding(that was 2013, I'm sophomore in college and has already have programming experience) i start to wander about the mods i will make, especially the one that doesn't exist. one day, i enter my curriculum in college and the subject is all about visual basic. then suddenly, i met a cool guy from gta4 modding community named julioNIB(creator of ironman iv mod). he told me that he make tutorials about gta scripting. after taking his tutorials, i was able to make this mod.

*first mods with real parkour animations
-also first modder to use endorphin(physics simulator) for making animations for gta4, mostly, endorphin is used to gta san andreas mods. but i discovered doing it for gta4. thanks to andreas for making it possible to export custom animations for gta4.

so right now, I'm still writing the scripts to fix the bug i made. and also fixing the jagged animation bug. 

what mod will come after this?
M _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ T_ _ _ _ _ mod
hehe, sorry guys for the blank. but i will reveal the mod in real parkour mod release! ^_^

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