Posted by : Lester Tusi Martes, Pebrero 4, 2014

Some people might think or wonder why am i putting passwords (my blogsite url as password) in every mods i release. ever since SOME websites start uploading my mods without letting me know. i am really expecting that some people will argue who's the real author of the mod. by chance, the "leecher" will claim that he created the mod.

That kinda make me upset, as well as the other modders who are also releasing mods.
i mean, how dare they claim the works they never made? "fuyukai desu..."

Some websites are uploading my mods, but never credited me. i actually prefer contacting me through my fb page for permission, but at least crediting me as the author makes me feel better i suppose.
isn't that easy and simple to credit someone for their works? no? well, they share their works for free.

So yeah, that's the reason i just started adding password. i know typing password is annoying, pardon me for doing it but, i want to let people know who's the author of the mods they're downloading, by doing that, the people who doesn't know who's the author (especially the people who doesn't like reading the readme.txt) will know it by typing/copying the password. i guess it works as the other modders doing it as well.

thank you for reading this ^_^

more mods are coming soon!

anime: hyouka

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